There's Room At The Top

Seven weeks ago, I published this Newsletter’s first issue.

It was titled “Get Started.”

The point of the article is that some people fail because they never begin. The ones who are winning are no smarter than those who don’t start.

They differ in one key area that anyone can duplicate: They take action!

Their actions create momentum. And momentum produces a life of its own that when nurtured, can lead to stratospheric results.

Case in point–this Newsletter.

Not yet having the stratospheric results, but just wait … 😉

Three weeks into launching the Newsletter I was approached by the local rep of a national organization who asked if they could syndicate my content to their members.

I’m not certain where that will go. But here’s what I’m sure of–it couldn’t happen without me pressing the publish button.

Around the same time, I connected with a colleague who had been running Private business groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Now we are partnering together to consolidate those groups into a new Private LinkedIn group for faith-based entrepreneurs.

I’ll drop a link below where you can learn more and apply for admission to the group.

Prior to starting the group (it kicks off on October 3, 2022) we’ve been polling applicants about their top business challenges.

Observe a couple of things.

(a) We’ve created a group. In that group we will be able to communicate with members, build relationships, network our businesses, and provide massive value to each other and to members.

You can try and go it alone in business. But collaboration has incredible mathematical effects. It can 10X, 100X or even 1000X whatever you’re trying to do.

For me, partnering and collaboration is a superpower and a secret weapon.

Who can you work with to multiply your efforts that you aren’t working with right now? Think seriously about it.

Give yourself 15 minutes with a blank sheet of paper and start writing.

This is a worthwhile exercise.

(b) We asked the applicants about their challenges. We have plenty of ideas about what businesses are facing. I’m a small business owner and my partner is a LinkedIn strategist.

Between us, we get millions of impressions on our social media content annually. We interact with entrepreneurs and small business owners daily.

Why not start placing content in the group based on what we already know?

The answer is interacting on social media with the people you are seeking to serve is a terrific way of gathering data.

It’s a multi-billion-dollar business.

But nothing beats talking directly to your prospects, leads and clients directly.

When we asked the questions, the applicants stated they were most challenged with:

✅ Client acquisition.

✅ Client retention.

✅ Branding their businesses, particularly on LinkedIn.

Take a closer look at the infographic of the mountain at the top of this page.

For every business owner who is struggling with one of the areas listed above or some other part of your business that’s not working, this image represents your opportunity.

According to this graphic, 50 percent of your industry is stuck in a comfort zone and another 48 percent are average.

Only 2 percent of your competition is winning.

There’s room for you at the top!

You can skillfully acquire clients, retain them, and brand yourself on LinkedIn or any other platform you desire.

It’s all possible.

To do so, you need only do two things:

(a) Stop doing what the 98 percent do.

(b) Start doing what the 2 percent do.

End of article.

JK as the kids say (for those my age, that means “just kidding”).

Stop it.

You didn’t know. 😁

Getting back to my point…

The state of business online and offline has left a Huge Gap for anyone wanting to lift their business prospects to the next level.

To begin attracting your ideal clients and retain them while building your brand, jot down these 3 things and start doing them.

Show Up. It’s a cliché to say that “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” But it’s only hard on your ears because it’s so true.

The reason many small businesses are not winning is because they don’t show up. Or when they do, it’s inconsistent, which produces the same result as not showing up at all.

You will never build a brand on LinkedIn or anywhere else until you make the commitment, and you begin showing up daily.

There’s too much noise out there. Popping in and out of the conversation will not work. The 2 percent have figured out how to get there and how to stay top of mind with their prospects and clients.

But it’s through dogged consistency.

I wish I had a magic bullet. But I’m here to tell you the truth and to help you, not to tickle your ears.

Show Out. Assuming that you begin showing up every day, what should you do to attract clients and build a brand?

I can’t fully answer that question in one article, but at least do this:

(a) Tell us who you are. Who do you serve? Everyone is struggling with something. Who can you help? How do you help?

(b) Don’t get caught up in what others are doing. The Bible says comparing ourselves among ourselves is unwise.

One of the biggest killers of your joy as a businessperson will be making unwarranted comparisons between yourself and others.

(c) Focus on being the best YOU. The marketplace rewards authenticity. It can sniff out a fake. You have an audience who wants to hear specifically from you. Not a made-up version.

(d) Give way more than you take. Your brand really isn’t about you. It’s about your customers and their aspirations. You’re just a vehicle. So, focus on them, and stop pushing yourself to the forefront.

Show Them. People are searching for answers. If you’ve already solved their problem, tell them how. What did you do? How can they do it and receive the same or better results?

Teach them how, and you will win their trust, and potentially their business.

Teach them with:

(a) Your social media posts

(b) A podcast

(c) Live broadcasts

(d) A Newsletter … 😉

(e) An online community 🤝🏽

This is how the 2 percent do it.

And there’s never been a better time to jump in!

The tools to execute all of the above FREE of charge have all been created within the last 15 years or so.

Here’s a Big Disclaimer.

Look again at the infographic with the mountain image at the top of this post.

It states, “The climb is hard.”

I didn’t say doing this is easy. It is not. But it can be done.

The 98 percent have created ample room for you at the top.

Come and learn how a dedicated group of faith-based entrepreneurs are going to band together and make the climb, starting October 3, 2022.

Click this link if you'd like to apply.

We’ll see you in the 2 percent!


PS. Let me know if I can help you with any of your goals. Click the links below to check out some of the ways we can work together.

  1. Start Your Own Business

  2. Start Your Nonprofit Passion Project

  3. Certify and Scale Your Minority-Owned Business

  4. Write Your Book in 30 Days Flat!

I'll see you back in your inbox next Monday!

PPS. Full attribution to Alek Angelov for use of the infographic at the top of this page. LinkedIn image c/o

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