Minority Business Coaching

Stop Leaving Money On The Table

Program Highlights
  • Individual Coaching
  • Remote Setup Via Zoom
  • Get Certified
  • Create Your Playbook
  • Scale Your Business

If you are a minority or a female business owner, or you're considering starting a business, there's a significant possibility you are leaving money on the table.


You may be unaware there are multiple corporations, public institutions, government agencies, and quasi-governmental organizations that have been mandated and funded to contract with companies just like yours, in every industry imaginable.


There are literally billions of dollars in public and private contracts available annually that minority and female-owned businesses like yours, never participate in out of lack of knowledge or inaction.


Right now there are minority and female-owned companies that have grown from relative obscurity to become multimillion-dollar (or billion-dollar) enterprises.


I know because I am one of them. I even wrote a book about my journey and offered you a free excerpt for visiting my website. But beyond the book excerpt, the question is what will you DO with this knowledge? Isn't it time you took your seat at the table?