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Nonprofit Coaching Program

When Doing Well Is Not Enough

Charity Volunteers
Program Highlights
  • One-To-One Coaching
  • Remote Setup Via Zoom
  • Form Your Nonprofit
  • Create A Plan
  • Seek Funding

Roughly 20 years ago, my wife and I started a nonprofit. The mission of the organization was to work with struggling families to help them back on their feet. We provided a food program, a "dress for success" ministry, a Biblical Counseling Center, resume and employment help, and even a Women's Center.


The organization went on to serve thousands of families over two decades and made a visible impact on our local community.


We could not have known what would happen at the beginning, but we made a start, and as we acted, several miracles took place. The community came together, supporters emerged, funding channels were opened and our organization prospered.


You may have a similar vision. Perhaps you've done well in life and now it's time to give back. Or perhaps there's a particular cause that's dear to your heart that you'd like to honor.


Whatever your purposes are, one of my joys is working with purpose-centered entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life. I will help you to obtain your 501(c)(3) or (c)(6) status, create a Board of Directors, a strategy, and a funding plan. Let's give your vision a vehicle.

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