My Three-Step Success Formula

You may have heard it said that “thoughts become things.”

I’m not certain who first said those words, but a variation of them is found in multiple philosophical and sacred texts throughout the ages.

The concept received a revival some years ago when the short film and book called “The Secret” took the world by storm.

The fact that thoughts eventually become things was the big secret at the heart of the message.

While I agree generally with that premise, some readers went too far, believing that they could materialize things by simply thinking about them.

When many failed at producing a pile a cash by meditating about money or by repeating certain affirmations for wealth creation, they became disappointed and gave up.

So, do thoughts become things?

The short answer is yes!

Everything in existence is here because someone first thought about it.

For example, the technology in your hand or on your desktop began as a thought in someone’s mind.

The same is true of the clothes on your back and the place where you live.

Everything begins as a thought.

Allow me to share a personal example. I’m a business attorney. That thought was first planted in my mind by my grandfather when I was roughly five years old.

At the time I didn’t know what the words “business” or “attorney” meant.

But my granddad was a businessman and he felt I would make a great business attorney. So, he suggested this to me, and the thought stuck.

Thus, proving to me that thoughts do become things.

The same is true of where you are in life or business today.

Your thinking brought you there. That may be hard to hear if you’re not where you want to be, but it’s true.

What do I mean?

The Bridge Between Thought And Reality

In between the idea of becoming a lawyer and the reality of receiving my law degree, several crucial things had to happen.

These events formed a bridge from my mind to the reality I later experienced as a licensed attorney.

1. Create A Clear And Personal Vision

The first leg of the bridge between my thoughts and my reality was developing a clear and personal vision of my dream in finished form.

Thus, my understanding about lawyering had to evolve from the vague musings of a child and harden into a specific vision of what a lawyer is, what lawyers do, and most importantly, how I would think, look, and feel as one.

It had to have relevance for me such as the lifestyle I Imagined I would lead, the satisfaction that would come with earning an advanced degree, and the people I would be able to help as an attorney.

On the other hand, I met many students who held loose ideas about obtaining a law degree.

Some pursued the goal for the sake of it; others did it for their parents, and others pursued it out of confusion about what to do with their lives.

Because their visions were fuzzy and impersonal, they found it easy to quit when the road to the law school finish line inevitably got tough.

2. Calculate The Cost And Resolve To Stay The Course

Every vision has a price.

To create and maintain a successful business, you will pay a price. There is no free lunch as the old saying goes.

The second leg of the suspension bridge between your dream and its reality is you must calculate the price for your dream and resolve to pay it.

In my case, I calculated that I had to graduate high school, complete 4 years of college, another 3 years of law school, study hard, support myself financially, and pass several licensing tests along the way.

The hard part (as always) was in the doing!

But once I calculated the cost of achieving my vision, I had to personally resolve to pay it.

3. Pay The Price

After calculating and then resolving to pay the price to achieve my vision, I paid it; in hours of preparation, study, late nights, foregoing other opportunities, and in financing roughly $200,000.00 in tuition and fees over a 7-year period.

That was a huge investment on my part, but the journey to the finish line was well worth the price.

My education repaid my investment many times over. And it’s still paying tremendous dividends.

To achieve your goal, you will have to follow a similar pattern.

You’ll have to cultivate a clear, personal vision, calculate the cost of achievement, resolve to stay the course, and then pay the price.


For the past two and a half years I’ve had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs who are building bridges from their dreams to reality.

Many have expressed a distance between their visions and their results.

Three common obstacles in their paths are cost, complexity, and isolation.

The cost of obtaining expert advisors such as lawyers and business consultants can cause sticker shock for the best of us.

And even if that cost is met, it doesn’t answer the problems with overwhelm, and the feeling of being alone.

So, I built a bridge.

I created a membership community where entrepreneurs can:

✅ Have their questions answered in weekly office hours with me.

✅ Receive monthly business trainings and downloads.

✅ Receive feedback on their business plans and pitch decks.

✅ Access curated lists of funding resources and guides for their businesses.

✅ Connect and network with each other.

✅ All at an extremely low cost.

I’ve dropped a link below where you can check out what’s offered and sign up easily.

Please also drop me a line with any questions, comments, and feedback. I truly respect and covet your input!

I would love to help you build a bridge from where you are to where you'd like to be!

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