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Welcome To The Club! 
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To Grow Your Business

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Why We Created 
The Trusted Advisor Club

In 2020, my partner and I closed our brick-and-mortar business and started an online coaching company. Our goal was to use our expertise in scaling multiple for-profit and nonprofit enterprises to help business owners do the same. As we worked with our clients we discovered that:

  • The online marketplace is extremely noisy.

  • Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with information.

  • Many are caught in "paralysis by analysis," or in constantly chasing new ideas.

  • Some are on the verge of giving up on their entrepreneurship dream. 

  • They wanted to work with us, but could not afford our individual coaching rates.


Our desire is not to turn anyone away that needs help. Thus, we created this club, a place where you can obtain weekly business and personal growth advice at a price you can easily afford. We will help you end your overwhelm. Let's do this together!

What You Will Receive 


Weekly Office Hours

Wayne will host a weekly, open 60-minute session where you can ask pressing questions impacting your business. Get straight answers and strategies.


Monthly Video Training

Once per month, Wayne will upload or link to video training on pillars of scaling your business such as marketing, sales, copywriting, and social media.


Monthly Training Guides

Download monthly training guides and templates that you can use right now in your business. Learn a new skill, or improve your current processes. 


Monthly Lunch & Learns

Once per month, Wayne or his special subject matter experts will offer live training on pressing business development, leadership, or personal growth topics.


Financial Vault

Receive immediate access to our Library of information regarding funding sources for your business, including private equity, lending, and eligible business grants. 


Business Plan/Pitch Reviews

Are you pitching investors? Wayne will review your business plan and/or pitch and offer critical advice to help you hone and clearly deliver your message. 

Meet Your Coach

I am a business advisor, a business attorney, and a Christian minister. I've always had a heart for business owners because I am one!

I started a solo law practice around my kitchen table with a $250.00 retainer which I turned into more than a million dollars in annual revenue in roughly 30 months.

I then joined forces with several partners in creating the largest minority-owned law firm in the nation with roughly $80 million dollars annual revenue. 

My passion is to teach you how to create a profitable business or nonprofit from a faith-based perspective so that you may: (1) exit the time-for-money rat-race (2) live life on your terms (3) leave a legacy of faith, hope, and service.

Think of me as your Trusted Advisor. Straight talk. No fluff. 

Join The Club today!

Monthly Membership

$97   $47

✅ Access to The Club
✅ Weekly Office Hours
✅ Monthly Lunch & Learns
✅ Monthly Video Training
✅ Financial Vault Access
✅ Monthly Training Guides
✅ Business Plan/Pitch Reviews

What Our Clients Say

Lorelei Rose, Co-Founder
The Anchor & The Rose


I can't stress enough how invaluable the training and coaching by Wayne and his team were for our startup. If you have an idea for a business or want to level up that side hustle and follow your passion full-time, he has the vehicle to get you there. 

Lynette Darrell, Coordinator
Vendor Development - TECO Energy

I was on the team that brought Wayne in as our Conference Keynote Speaker and small business workshop leader. He taught our group how to  
create strategic partnerships and how stagnating businesses could grow

to the next level.

Jack Levine, Founder
Addiction Cure Therapeutic Sciences, Inc.

I’ve known Wayne as a business advisor, attorney, and friend. There's no better person to help our ACTS team bring a life-changing cure for chemical addiction to the marketplace. He will demonstrate the same level of commitment to you.

Louis Huynh,
Technology Director - Rogers Benefits Group

When I needed solid business advice and legal services, I was lucky enough to discover that Wayne provided exactly what I was looking for. I enrolled in his services, recognized immediate value and today, I am fortunate to know I have someone in my corner I can trust.

Anna Batten, CPA, Controller
RGP Business Consultants

Have an idea for a business but you have not started it because you do not know the next steps to take? Then Wayne is the coach for you. he will teach you step by step as you prepare the foundation for your successful business launch.

Ron Carryl, President
AP Recruiters & Associates

I have known Wayne in many capacities. First, he’s been a colleague, advisor, and friend for many years. He’s also been a business mentor and guide who selflessly put aside time to help me develop as a businessman, father, and husband. 


When does the program start?

The Program begins upon payment and will be billed monthly in 30-day increments. So, you may start as soon as you are ready! 

 How Do I Access the Program ?

The program is located within a membership portal on this website. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to create your own user id, password, and site membership. If you encounter any difficulty creating login credentials, you may use our chat feature to obtain immediate access!

 Cancellation/Refund Policy?

As a monthly member, you may cancel your membership at any time within your 30-day paid membership window! Once you cancel your membership in writing to our team, you may enjoy the remaining days of your term, if any. On the 3oth day of your term, you will no longer have access to the site, and no further payments will be due!


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