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Getting Things Done

Updated: Sep 4

In life, what gets measured is what gets done. In this issue, I’d like to share my easy-peasy system for being productive while remaining sane. 😊

For context, here are some personal goals I’m measuring.

1. Exercise 5 days per week.

2. Read two books per month.

3. Arise by 5 am each morning.

4. Strengthen my social networking.

5. Have a daily Quiet Time of prayer.

6. Execute a regimented writing schedule.

7. Launching a new service in about 45 days.

Getting them done will require several things.

Time Tools

I’m a big fan of simplicity.

If you’re not naturally goal-oriented, some planning tools on the market can be unnecessarily detailed and overwhelming.

How can you get to your goals if the tools to track them seem more complicated than the goals themselves?

For this reason, I keep it simple. My three tools are:

✅ My Calendar

✅ My Daily Breakdown

✅ My To-do list.

My Calendar is a snapshot of how I’ve committed my time. I review my Calendar in detail on Saturday or Sunday to have an outlook on my week ahead.

This relieves stress and allows me to make needed shifts in advance.

If you’re not currently doing this, I highly suggest you set aside some time on the weekend to regroup and reflect on your schedule.

You will eliminate surprises, plan your time better, and lower your anxiety levels.

My Daily Breakdown is a picture of how I chunk my time each day. My Calendar reflects my time commitments and answers the question: “Where is my time being spent?”

My Daily Breakdown answers the question: “How is my time being spent?”

It is a time-blocked breakdown of what I do each day.

My current productivity breakdown looks like this:

It keeps me auto-focused on my top priorities each day and prevents me from veering too far off course in any week.

I always understand what I’m supposed to be working on at any time, on any given day.

I then “chop wood” every day using a simple To-do list.

That is a plain list of my daily tasks that fill the general buckets in the Daily Breakdown. I strike items off the list as I accomplish them each day.

If I don't finish the task that day, it stays on the list until I complete it and mark it off the list.

Notice a couple of things. First, this system only applies to what I do Monday to Friday.

Weekends are mine for rest, family, and worship. I’m also able to get in additional writing time, as I produce a fair amount of content each week.

Second, I leave enough room in the “Deep Work” sections to allow me some flexibility each day.

That is because …

Life happens.

There will be surprises. An unplanned visitor, a client emergency, or a need to shift gears. There are a thousand possibilities to move you from your goals.

You must account for that.

Here are three hacks that will help you to balance things out.

Turn Off The TV

Consider watching TV only on weekends. Substitute TV time with writing time, or creative time.

Dennis Waitley argues that most people waste prime time watching their favorite television programs. He used it to accomplish his big goals.

How true that is. TV is a big thief. You could double your productivity by simply cutting out your TV time and working on your goals instead.

Tune Up Your Diet

In the past, I’ve followed a program called the "Daniel Diet" based on the Biblical character Daniel.

This involves eating a diet of fruit, water, and vegetables during the program and fasting from eating meats, sweets, and treats.

While I don't intend on becoming vegan, I feel more energized and less sluggish on this diet. I fall asleep naturally around 10 pm or earlier and I wake up naturally around 5 am, feeling energized.

I incorporate lots of seafood for protein. And I keep an eye on what I’m eating as it directly impacts my energy levels and overall well-being.

Take A Community Approach

Entrepreneurship or even life as a professional within a company can be a lonely road. Finding a community of like-minded people rowing in the same direction will have a massive impact on your confidence and productivity.

There’s power in being associated with a group that can provide camaraderie, accountability, and reinforcement of your goals when you are lagging.

Community-based businesses are an emerging trend in our new creator economy.

This is because humans will always need other humans. That dynamic will never change.

Working with a coach can provide that dynamic.

✅ Attack your goals.

✅ Get tips and strategies.

✅ Grow yourself and your business.

✅ Tap into a wealth of experience working with fellow business owners.

Give it some thought and drop me a line with any questions. Also, let me know where your productivity bottlenecks are.

Maybe I can help!


PS. Click the links below to check out some of the ways we can work together.

  1. Start Your Own Business

  2. Start Your Nonprofit Passion Project

  3. Take Your Ministry To The Next Level

  4. Write Your Book in 30 Days Flat!

I'll see you back in your inbox next Monday!

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