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The purpose of this website is to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ so that you may apply it to your daily life and reap the benefits of an abundant life. Our goal is that you would then pass on the joy!

Therefore, the site is packed with inspirational messages, books, ebooks, devotionals, and tools to aid you in your spiritual growth. 

You are a spirit who has a soul (or mind) and who lives in a body. You are not a random combination of DNA, nor are you evolved from some lower form of life. You are a unique and special creation, made in God's image, with gifts, talents and a purpose to fulfill in your lifetime. 


The key to a joyful life is taking the time to discover God's purpose for you and then doing it! Someone once said that your gifts and talents are God's gifts to you. Cultivating and sharing them with others is your gift to God. Our purpose is to help you discover and do your purpose. 


A great place to start is by downloading our ebook, "How To Know God's Vision For Your Life."  


In it, you will find a practical, 4-step process to begin or to clarify your journey. Or just click on any of the other resources that resonate with your spirit. Whatever you do, it's time to take your life to the next level. I'm so glad you've invited us to be a part of it!






I believe that I write so much about vision because my life is a testament to the power of it. It began with my grandparents who were entrepreneurs who believed in the power of God, hard work and generosity. As a young boy, they instilled those values in me. When I was around five years old, my granddad suggested I become his business attorney.

From the day he planted that vision in my head, I never looked back. I went on to become a successful business attorney, entrepreneur and ordained minister. 

I can't emphasize enough, the power of vision in your life, and the power of the vision you're communicating to the world around you. My granddad passed away before seeing me become a lawyer, but his legacy lives on through me and through all of the people I've been blessed to help as a professional and a minister. 


About Wayne 

Wayne Gill Keynote Speaker

I believe that is what separates my message from many you hear in a crowded marketplace. I have no interest in experiencing God in a purely religious sense or in the abstract. In my career, I've built multi-million dollar businesses from scratch. I've hired, fired, supervised, mentored and coached hundreds of people from every walk of life. I've led business leaders, ministry teams; worked in the community and with governments. I've negotiated, litigated and mediated more than a billion dollars in personal and business debt. 


I've been in the marketplace!

That's why my message and ministry is spiritual, but also practical. In other words, my goal is for you to put the wisdom of God to practice in every area of your life--Your relationships, career, business, goals and dreams, money, health or whatever is important to you. 

There's lots of places to find wisdom in the world, but all of it is based on the wisdom of God. Why not START with the source? 


I've been blessed to be professionally recognized by many and to have received a long list of awards. I list a few of them at the bottom of this page. I appreciate the accolades, but life is not about the awards that you hang on your wall or that you place in a trophy case. Life is about giving back. It's about leaving the world a better place than how you found it. That's what I've always sought to do with my life. 

The picture at the top of this page is one of my favorites. It was taken at an event put on by a charity founded by me and Sharon. For 17 years, it provided hope and healing for those who landed in a hard place, and needed love and support to get going again. These are two of the biggest hallmarks of success in my opinion: building a life with your family and serving others with your God-given gifts, talents and abilities.


That is the message of my life. I pray that these pages will help you create, enhance or expand a God-given vision of your own! 



In a thirty-year career in business, law and public service, I've been fortunate to have received numerous awards and recognitions. I list a few here for your reference:


Awarded to an individual who demonstrates commitment and effectiveness in advocating for small and minority-owned businesses. 


For excellence in entrepreneurship and humanitarian contribution.


Selected for national campaign highlighting successful African-American entrepreneurs. 


Featured in Fortune Online Magazine in a story about entrepreneurs who were inspired by their grandparents. Based on my first book, Tales My Grandma Told Me.